Fircrest Real Estate Information

Fircrest is a highly prestigious suburban community found in the metropolitan area of Tacoma. Fircrest is a relatively new development, and is targeted specifically at the upper middle class and wealthy demographic. Fircrest is one of the wealthiest areas in the state of Washington, based on a survey analyzing levels of per capita income, and also based off of empirical observations. Fircrest is situated in the northwestern corner of Pierce County, which in turn is located in the central western portion of the state of Washington. Fircrest has a population of approximately five thousand nine hundred residents, a relatively high number considering that the total area of the community is less than two square miles. Fircrest is more ethnically diverse than many other suburban developments despite its socio-economic homogeneity. Although the entirety of the Pacific Northwest was inhabited by Native Americans such as the Puyallup tribe before the arrival of American and European explorers, the history of Fircrest as an official community of Washington State is relatively brief. Fircrest was officially incorporated on the nineteenth of September, nineteen twenty five, and was primarily developed by Edward Bowes, an individual also notable for his radio talent show. Fircrest enjoys the educational opportunities afforded by the metropolitan areas of Seattle and Tacoma, including not only public and private schools but also a number of universities and colleges. Fircrest has a reputation of not only being a great place to live but also as a highly desirable bedroom community for the Tacoma region.

Most of the attractions in the immediate area of Tacoma are urban or metropolitan, although other avenues of entertainment are certainly available and easily accessible. Golfing enthusiasts can appreciate the beautiful and enjoyable Fircrest Golf Course, while everyone can take advantage of the Precision Bowling Alley, a number of swimming pools, and the City of University Place Parks. The location of Fircrest allows residents of the region to drive right into town and enjoy attractions ranging from movie theaters and museums to historical sites and large parks. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a short drive out of the developed portion of Pierce County leads to Mount Rainier National Park and numerous other wooded trails and parks.