Anderson Island Real Estate Information

Anderson Island is one of the many islands of Puget Sound – a small archipelago found off of the coast of Washington State in the northern United States. Anderson Island happens to be the southernmost island in Puget Sound, and is considered an extremely relaxing and scenically beautiful region. Anderson Island is situated in Pierce County, directly south of McNeil Island, which is the second southernmost island in the Puget Sound Area. Anderson Island is approximately twenty minutes away from Steilacoom, and about forty three miles away from the main city of Washington State, Seattle. The closest patch of continental land to Anderson Island is Key Peninsula, although there is no bridge between Anderson Island and the mainland.

Anderson Island is a relatively small landmass, amounting to slightly less than a total of eight square miles, and has a consistent population of approximately one thousand two hundred residents. However, since Anderson Island is an extremely popular retirement, recreational, and vacation destination, the population swells to well over four thousand residents. The historical predominance of senior citizens on Anderson Island began in the nineteen sixties, when retirees began to discover the scenic beauty and woods of Anderson Island and the rest of Puget Sound. Anderson Island did not receive its current name until the year eighteen forty one, when Charles Wilkes named the landmass on behalf of the United States Exploring Expedition.

Settlers did not arrive at Anderson Island until approximately thirty years later, when a steady flow of residents began to trickle in from the rest of Washington State. Educational opportunities on Anderson Island are provided by the Steilacoom Historical School District, specifically the Anderson Island School, which is housed in a remarkably historic and architecturally significant building. Anderson Island offers a number of recreational activities and relaxing attractions, including photography, kayaking, hiking, sightseeing, and fishing. Notable parks around Anderson Island include Florence Lake, Eagle Island State Marine Park, Riviera Country Club, and Josephine Lake. Numerous historical sites on Anderson Island, including the Johnson Farm Museum, are maintained by the Anderson Island Historical Society. Anderson Island is home to an eclectic mix of regular local residents, seasonal “snowbirds”, and tourist patrons of vacation rentals.