Buckley Real Estate Information

The city of Buckley occupies a unique position in the state of Washington. Buckley is a very small community within a short drive of the major metropolitan area of Tacoma. However, Buckley cannot be classified as a traditional suburb due to a number of unique attributes. The areas immediately surrounding Buckley are not associated with the city of Tacoma, and in many cases are not incorporated at all. Buckley itself is relatively dense in terms of population; since the city has a population of about four thousand residents and a total area of less than four square miles, the population density is comparable to much larger metropolitan areas. Although Buckley is relatively homogenous in terms of race and socio-economic status, population statistics indicate that this trend may be gradually giving way to inbound immigrant populations.

Buckley hosts a logger’s rodeo during the month of June, which is predictably a large attraction in the rainy Pacific Northwest. The entire community of Buckley is situated in the central western portion of Washington State in Pierce County. Buckley was originally settled by local indigenous peoples, and the first non-Indian permanent settler arrived in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Buckley was originally named “Perkin’s Prairie” and was subsequently dubbed “White River Siding” before receiving its current name in honor of a railway official. Although Buckley is home to a number of primary schools, there is only one high school within the city limits, White River High School, which also serves students from a number of surrounding communities.

Perhaps the biggest recreational offering of Buckley and the surrounding area is hiking. Buckley is literally situated in the foothills of the largest mountain in the state, Mount Rainier, making both the main mountain trail and the Foothills Trail easily accessible. There are also plenty of activities and attractions in the rest of Pierce County, including the Enumclaw Golf Course, the Foothills Historical Society, and even an Aquatic Center. While Buckley itself is relatively isolated, the major cities of Tacoma and Seattle are only a short drive away, bringing with them a plethora of big city offerings, including shopping, dining, and clubbing.