DuPont Real Estate Information

DuPont occupies a highly scenic and historic portion of Washington State. DuPont was first settled nearly six thousand years ago by the Nisqually tribe of Native Americans, whose primary livelihoods were fishing and collecting shellfish. The region was first explored by non-Native Americans towards the end of the eighteenth century, when Captain George Vancouver mapped the area in seventeen ninety two. Permanent outposts began to spring up in the general area of DuPont about forty years later, and the Hudson Bay Company established a fur trading post in the year eighteen thirty three. Signs of permanent settlement began to spring up in the second half of the nineteenth century, such as schools, sturdier houses, and factories. In fact, the most important economic component of DuPont for several years was an explosives plant constructed in the year nineteen six.

DuPont could perhaps be best characterized as a relaxed suburban town. With an area of about six square miles and a population of only two thousand five hundred, the region is not densely populated, but still enjoys many of the conveniences and bonuses that come with a more heavily settled area. DuPont was originally incorporated as a city in the year nineteen twelve and was subsequently reincorporated in the year nineteen fifty one. Recently, economic developments related to the creation of Northwest Landing have lead analysts to believe that the population of DuPont will soon rise dramatically, peaking and stabilizing at approximately twelve thousand residents. DuPont is situated in the westernmost portion of Pierce County, which in turn is located in the central-western portion of the state of Washington.

Educational opportunities in DuPont are furnished by Chloe Clark Elementary School, Pioneer Middle School, and a regional high school as well as the relatively close colleges and universities and colleges of the Seattle-Tacoma area. DuPont prides itself on its lack of “big-box” retailers, instead offering numerous attractions related to the history of the Pacific Northwest, local retailers, military-related sites, and even fine dining. DuPont boasts hiking trails, seasonal activities such as Easter egg hunts, Center Drive, Wilkes’ Observatory, and a stunning view of Mount Rainier.