Eatonville Real Estate Information

Eatonville is a relatively isolated town found in the otherwise quite densely populated Pierce County. Pierce County is best known for being home to the largest cities in Washington State, specifically Seattle and Tacoma with their respective metropolitan and suburban areas. Eatonville occupies a space in the southeastern portion of Pierce County, far enough from Seattle and Tacoma to avoid the hustle and bustle of city life, but close enough to make weekend trips a comfortable possibility. Eatonville is a very small community, encompassing less than two square miles of total space and having a population of only two thousand residents. Eatonville was populated by Native Americans for several thousand years prior to the discovery of the region by explorers such as Captain James Vancouver.

Eatonville is named in honor of the founder of the community, Thomas Van Eaton, who began the settlement of the region just before the end of the nineteenth century. The fledgling town of Eatonville matured rather quickly, as the first school was constructed within two years of the arrival of Thomas Van Eaton, and the Tacoma Eastern Railroad began serving the region in nineteen two. Eatonville was officially incorporated as a town in the year nineteen nine, and the town’s primary industry was logging until the closure of the lumber mill in the early second half of the twentieth century. Eatonville has a beautiful town mural as well as a grocery store, gas station, and motel. The town recently constructed a large play structure, picnic area, historical museum, and also offers Pack Forest.

Peace and tranquility are among the best attributes of Eatonville, which enjoys stunning views of the majestic Mount Rainier. The largest mountain and volcano in the state of Washington is situated only about a half hour away from the pleasant town of Eatonville, while the scenic Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is roughly six miles southeast of the town. Eatonville enjoys cool, somewhat stable weather throughout most of the year, and it is certainly much more temperate than the Mount Rainier region. Notable points of interjest in and around Eatonville include the Pioneer Farm Museum, the Eatonville City Hall, Glacier View Park, and Alder Lake Park.