Edgewood Real Estate Information

Edgewood is a good example of a town that began its history as an independent settlement, but that was eventually surrounded by a metropolitan area. Although Edgewood was settled by non-Native Americans as early as the first half of the nineteenth century, Native Americans of the Puyallup tribe inhabited the region for literally thousands of years prior to the arrival of American/European explorers. The area that is now considered Edgewood was first mapped and scouted by William Fraser Tolmie, and settlements began to spring up quite rapidly after the year eighteen fifty. Although Edgewood enjoyed a long and storied history beginning with the settlement of the region, it was not officially incorporated until the year nineteen ninety six, on February 28. As of the year two thousand census, Edgewood has a population of approximately nine thousand one hundred residents, which is not very high considering that the overall size of the town is roughly nine square miles.

The educational needs of Edgewood are met by a total of three public school districts in addition to private and home schools. Depending on their addresses, students who reside in Edgewood are assigned to the Puyallup, Fife, or Sumner School system, which encompass Alice V. Hedden Elementary School, Hilltop Elementary School, Northwood Elementary School, Mountain View Elementary School, and Edgemont Junior High School. Perhaps the most easily recognizable and culturally significant landmark in Edgewood is the Nyholm Windmill, which once produced hay, dairy, fruit, and vegetable products and is now the official symbol of the town.

Edgewood is a relatively affluent community, and the current mayor of the town is Dave Olson. Edgewood is home to the beautiful and relaxing Nelson Nature Park, which boasts a picnic shelter, wide open spaces, and covered areas. Edgewood also proudly offers a highly convenient location, ensuring that the metropolitan and urban attractions of the Tacoma-Seattle area are only a short drive away. These two cities boast a number of activities and offerings, including shopping destinations, world-class restaurants, historical sites, museums, colleges, and universities. Edgewood also benefits from the relatively stable and consistently cool weather of the Pacific Northwest, making it an enjoyable year-round place of residence.