Fort Lewis Real Estate Information

Fort Lewis is the principal army base of the Pacific Northwest region, encompassing a vast eighty six thousand acres of land. Fort Lewis includes residential areas, retirement communities, training areas, and active military support, and is important enough to be considered one of the US Military’s fifteen power projection platforms. Some of the units stationed at Fort Lewis include the First Corps, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Infantry Division (Strykers), the 1st Special Forces Group, and the 5th Army, among numerous others. Fort Lewis is classified as a census designated place, and has a total population of nineteen thousand one hundred residents, although the base supports literally tens of thousands of other military members and family both on and off of the base. Fort Lewis was built during the First World War, specifically in the year nineteen seventeen, and has been in use ever since then.

Fort Lewis takes its name from arguably the most well known “Lewis” in history, the Meriwether Lewis who took part in the exploration of much of the Western United States. Fort Lewis is found on the outskirts of the Tacoma-Seattle metropolitan area, in the western portion of Pierce County. Fort Lewis is located right next to McChord Air Force Base and Camp Murray, which are also situated in the South Puget Sound region. Fort Lewis supports a number of recreational facilities in addition to military training and support buildings, including the Fort Lewis Golf Course and the Fort Lewis Community Center. The closest non-military residential area is Lakewood, while Tacoma is only a short drive away, making Fort Lewis remarkably convenient.

There are a number of educational facilities in and around Fort Lewis, including both public and private, primary and secondary schools. These include Woodbrook Middle School, Evergreen Elementary School, Carter Lake Elementary School, Chapman University, Pierce College at Fort Lewis, and Clarkmoor Elementary School. Fort Lewis and the surrounding region also boast a considerable amount of green space, encompassing the Lakewold Gardens, Fort Steilacoom Park, and a number of parks administered by the Pierce County Department of Parks and Recreation.