Graham Real Estate Information

The city of Graham is one of the many quasi-suburban communities found near the relatively large metropolitan center of Tacoma, Washington. The allure of smaller communities such as Graham lies in the pleasant balance stricken between the quiet nature of a residential region and the convenience of a nearby larger city. Graham enjoys the relatively cool and stable weather of the Pacific Northwest, as well as frequent rainfall in the vein of Seattle or Portland. Although Graham is often treated as an independent municipality, it is technically an unincorporated community of Pierce County. Graham has a population of approximately eight thousand seven hundred residents, giving the community a relatively low population density considering its total area of approximately twenty one square miles.

Graham is situated in the central western portion of Washington State in the general vicinity of Mount Rainier, the largest mountain in the region. Although Mount Rainier is technically a volcano, it has not had any significant measurable geologic or volcanic activity in the past one hundred fifty years. Graham and the rest of Pierce County were settled in the first half of the nineteenth century, although they had been inhabited for thousands of years prior by the local indigenous peoples. Pierce County was officially incorporated in the year eighteen fifty two, and includes the popular tourist destination of Puget Sound as well as a number of historical sites. Graham is close to a number of important cultural attractions, mostly in the Tacoma area. Some of these include the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, Grand Cinema, the Tacoma Art Museum, and the Washington State History Museum. There are recreational attractions within just a short drive of Graham for almost every taste and interest. For those who adore nature, biking, boating, and sightseeing are popular attractions, as is hiking in the beautiful Mount Rainier region. Those who prefer to remain indoors can still enjoy the horse races at the Emerald Downs Race Track, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, and a number of great shops and restaurants.