Milton Real Estate Information

The town of Milton was born just before the turn of the century in the eighteen nineties, when a mill was constructed on a ridge above the Puyallup Valley. Although numerous tribes of Native Americans had resided in the region for literally thousands of years prior and American explorers had mapped the area throughout the nineteenth century, this was the first time an industrial facility had been erected in the area. This landmark became the namesake of the newly settled region, and soon “Mill Town” became Milton. Milton was finally incorporated in the year nineteen seven, after a landmark community vote of the still fledgling region. Milton eventually evolved from its origins as a lumbering and timer industry to a so-called “bedroom community” for the major metropolitan centers of Pierce County. Milton grew substantially following a major infrastructure upgrade in the early nineteen seventies, although it still prides itself on small town appeal.

Milton is located less than ten minutes away from the relatively large city of Tacoma, and in the typical form of a suburban community, attempts to separate itself from the hustle and bustle of the big urban centers of Pierce County. Milton actually straddles the county border between King County and Pierce County, and has a population of approximately five thousand eight hundred residents, which is medium sized for a city with a total area of about two and a half square miles. Milton is a relatively affluent and upscale community, and is relatively homogenous in terms of socioeconomic status.

There are a number of interesting recreational and scenic facilities in the immediate vicinity of Milton, including the Wild Waves Theme Park and Water Park, which are especially welcoming destinations in the summer, and the PJ Pockets Casino, which is great for gambling enthusiasts. Other points of interest around Milton include the Enchanted Village, Laser Quest, and the Centerstage Theatre Arts. The educational needs of Milton are met by a variety of public and private facilities, including the Surprise Lake School, the Todd Beamer High School, Discovery Primary School, Endeavour Intermediate School, and the many colleges and universities of the Tacoma-Seattle area.