Orting Real Estate Information

Orting is a small city situated in the small ring of settlements surrounding Mount Rainier, the largest volcanic mountain in the Pacific Northwest. Orting is relatively small for an incorporated community, with a total area encompassing less than three square miles. Orting has a population of approximately six thousand one hundred residents, placing the population density at roughly two thousand persons per square mile. Orting is currently governed by Mayor Cheryl Temple, and is considered a part of one of the most populous counties in Washington State, Pierce County. Orting was originally populated by local indigenous peoples, who settled the region literally thousands of years ago. The modern history of Orting began roughly one hundred and fifty years, when four individuals placed land claims in what is now the city of Orting.

The founders of Orting were Thomas Headley, William Henry Whitesell, Daniel Lane, and Daniel Varner, who first settled in the region in the year eighteen fifty four. Early economic activity in Orting was driven by the logging and agricultural industries, specifically relating to produce and beer hops. With the arrival of the first railroad in the year eighteen seventy seven, Orting began to grow substantially while simultaneously serving as a supply town for nearby settlements such as Wilkeson and Carbonado. Transportation between Orting and the rest of Pierce County is facilitated by Washington State Route 162, and a bus is also available for travel between Orting and the nearby city of Puyallup.

Educational opportunities in Orting are provided primarily by the Orting School District as well as a number of private schools. The Orting School District consists of the Orting Primary School, Ptarmigan Ridge Intermediate School, Orting Middle School, the Partnership School for the Sciences, and Orting High School. Some interesting recreational attractions in the vicinity of Orting include the High Cedars Golf Club, the Lipoma Firs Golf Course, and a number of local parks. These green spaces include Pioneer Park, Riverside County Park, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, Jenks Park, and Sunset Lake Camp. The city of Orting offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and wooded areas, most notably Mount Rainier.