Puyallup Real Estate Information

Puyallup is one of the most culturally active and recreationally fascinating communities in the entirety of Washington State. Puyallup is situated in Pierce County, which is among the most populous counties in the entirety of the Pacific Northwest. Puyallup has a population of approximately thirty three thousand residents as of the census taken in the year two thousand. Puyallup has a total area of slightly more than twelve square miles, making it a relatively large but simultaneously rather sparsely populated suburb of Tacoma. Puyallup takes its name from the original inhabitants of the Pierce County area, the Puyallup Tribe of Native Americans. The indigenous peoples of Washington State settled the Pierce County region literally thousands of years before the arrival of European or American explorers.

Puyallup translates from the original language of the area to mean “generous people”, a reputation which the city attempts to maintain up through the current day. Upon the arrival of American settlers, the population of Native Americans numbered around two thousand, although that figure steadily declined following the influx of families in the next few decades. Puyallup received its current name in the year eighteen seventy seven from Ezra Meeker, who also served as the first mayor of Puyallup following its incorporation in the year eighteen ninety. The educational needs of Puyallup are met primarily by the Puyallup School District, which has more than thirty primary and secondary facilities, as well as by a number of regional private schools and colleges.

The Valley, which was the heart of the original settlement of Puyallup, is still the cultural and historic center of the the city. The Valley is home to a number of agriculturally bountiful plots of land, specializing in the cultivation of daffodils. Important landmarks in the Valley include the mansion of the town's founder, Pioneer Park, the new public library, the Pierce County Foothills Trail, and a bronze statue of Ezra Meeker. Puyallup hosts the annual Puyallup Fair, which draws a total of one million people, making it the largest state fair in the entirety of Washington. Other notable attractions include the Antique District, the Paul H Karshner Memorial Museum, the Arts Downtown Outdoor Gallery, the Daffodil Festival Parade, the South Hill Mall, and the Farmers Market.