Roy Real Estate Information

Roy is a member of an extraordinarily sparse and rare breed of rural cities. Roy is located in the same county as two of the most populous cities in the entire state of Washington, but is one of the smallest incorporated communities in the entire Pacific Northwest. Roy has a population of less than three hundred residents, and no significant changes in population have taken place since that figure was acquired during the two thousand census. Roy covers less than a third of a square mile, meaning that it has not only a small population and low population density but is also just a tiny dot on the map. Roy is situated in the central western portion of Pierce County, which in turn is located in the central western portion of Washington State.

The area which is now considered Roy was originally settled literally thousands of years ago by local indigenous tribes, including the Puyallup peoples, who gave their name to another city of Pierce County. Roy was first settled by non-Native Americans in considerable numbers towards the end of the nineteenth century, as the area's economy began to boom. Roy was officially incorporated as a city of the state of Washington in the year nineteen eight, its population growing thanks to the railroad and logging industries. Unfortunately, Roy began to decline within two decades as a series of disasters befell the fledgling city. Roy gradually fell from prominence following a major fire, the Great Depression, the departure of the railroad, and the annexation of much of the surrounding land and many of the nearby communities by the US Army.

Roy still maintains a pleasant cultural and economic remnant of its former status, holding a number of cultural events and keeping several historic sites. Roy is still home to the Roy Pioneer Rodeo, a massive water silo with the city's name inscribed on the side, community organizations such as 4H, Grange Hall, and the Scouts. In the general vicinity, one can find the Tahoma Valley Golf Club, Red Wind Casino, and Hart's Lake Resort and Deli.