South Prairie Real Estate Information

South Prairie is another of the extremely small communities found in the rural portion of Pierce County, Washington State. South Prairie has a population of just less than four hundred residents as of the year two thousand census. Additionally, South Prairie has a total land area of only one point four square miles, meaning that the community has not only a low population but a small size as well. South Prairie, along with most of the rest of Pierce County and Washington State, was originally settled and explored by the indigenous peoples of the region approximately six thousand years ago. The area which now comprises South Prairie was settled by non-Native Americans during the nineteenth century, and was officially incorporated as a town in the year nineteen nine.

The founder of the town, Paul Emery, first filed a formal claim on the land in the year eighteen fifty four, and the town endured a series of Indian raids during the following year. The land was situated to the south of two prairie areas and was itself considered prairie land, leading to the community's name. South Prairie enjoyed a period of growth following the discovery and exploitation of coal deposits in the last fifteen years of the nineteenth century, and then settled into the slow, comfortable, and above all stable pattern of a continuous population for the last several decades. South Prairie was known for a very brief period of time as Melrose, until the community received its current name in the year eighteen eighty nine.

Despite its small size, the town of South Prairie maintains a number of parks and recreational facilities for the enjoyment of both visitors and residents. The regionally famous Foothills Trail runs through South Prairie, Veterans Park boasts the Veterans Memorial, a river bank, picnic tables, and playground equipment, and the Third Street Park is home to a paved trail, basketball court, playground, parking, baseball field, and benches. Three schools in the general vicinity of South Prairie are Mountain Meadow Elementary, Foothills Elementary School, and White River High School, all of which are situated in the nearby city of Buckley.