Steilacoom Real Estate Information

Steilacoom is one of the coastal towns found in the vicinity of the tourist destination known as Puget Sound. Steilacoom has a population of approximately six thousand one hundred residents, and encompasses a total land area of roughly two square miles, putting the population density of the region at approximately three thousand people per square mile. Steilacoom is considered a part of Pierce County, which includes some of the most populous communities in the state of Washington, including Seattle and Tacoma. Steilacoom is located in the northwestern portion of Pierce County, which in turn is situated in the central western portion of the state. Steilacoom is considered one of the more affluent communities in the state, with an overall ranking based on per capita income of sixty first out of more than five hundred areas surveyed.

Steilacoom is served by a number of public and private institutions, most notably the Steilacoom School District Number Three, encompassing Cherrydale Primary, Saltar's Point Elementary, Harriet Taylor, Anderson Island, Chloe Clark, Pioneer Middle, and Steilacoom High Schools. The colleges and universities of the Tacoma and Seattle region, including Seattle University and Pacific University are also available to residents of Steilacoom. Steilacoom was founded by Lafayette Batch, who came from Maine and was officially incorporated in the year eighteen fifty four, making it the oldest incorporated town in the entire state of Washington. Steilacoom's early economy was based off of the lumber industry, although the community has since shifted to a more suburban and residential model.

There are a number of notable recreational and cultural attractions and activities in the general vicinity of Steilacoom and Puget Sound, including the Steilacoom Historical Museum, Fort Steilacoom, and a number of other sites maintained by the Steilacoom Historical Society. Numerous sites in Steilacoom seek to promote a sense of community, including the Steilacoom Community Center, the Oakbrook Golf and Country Club, the Tacoma Country and Golf Club, and Fort Steilacoom Park. Residents of Steilacoom can also travel to the many urban points of interest found in nearby Tacoma and Seattle, both of which are within forty miles.