Wilkeson Real Estate Information

Wilkeson is a small but historic town situated in Pierce County, Washington State. Wilkeson is found east of the major metropolitan areas of Pierce County, in the central portion of the area, which in turn is located in the central western portion of the state of Washington. Wilkeson has a population of only three hundred and ninety five residents, at least as of the census taken in the year two thousand, and encompasses a land area of only one half of a square mile, putting population density at slightly less than eight hundred persons per square mile. Wilkeson is found in the often-forgotten rural portion of Pierce County, often overshadowed by the larger portions of the county such as the suburbs of Tacoma and the “City of Destiny” itself.

Wilkeson is a good example of one of the remnants of a formerly promising boom town. Wilkeson was originally inhabited, of course, by indigenous peoples, most prominently the Puyallup tribe of Native Americans. Wilkeson was most likely first explored by non-Native Americans when Samuel Wilkeson passed through the Cascade Mountain Range (the town was originally named Samuel and later changed to Wilkeson). At its founding, Wilkeson's driving economic force was related to the discovery of four coal veins in the region, and the subsequent establishment of a Wilkeson-Tacoma rail line. One common misconception is that Wilkeson is named after settler-journalist Frank Wilkeson, when in reality the town is named after his father.

The educational needs of this quaint town are met by institutions in Wilkeson itself and the nearby town of Buckley, both of which are a part of the White River School District. The closest schools are White River High School, Wilkeson Elementary School (the oldest continuously operating school in the state), and Mountain Meadow Elementary School. Recreational areas in and around Wilkeson include Flaming Geyser State Park, Riverside County Park, Pioneer Park, Garrett Park, and the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. Other attractions in the area include Enumclaw Evergreen Memorial Park, the King County Fair, the Foothills Historical Society, and the Enumclaw Golf Course.